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Communication services

In order to bring maximum benefit to each customer, we provide full package services on communication, promotion and trade promotion to help businesses locate and trade products on the market.

At Adlead, we have leading experts in the field of communication with in-depth knowledge and longtime experience. By our knowledge, we are always ready to provide package services to bring business to customers.

-. Brand communication: Launch long-term, medium-term and short-term brand communication; Communication campaign for new products; Consulting media strategy for business from time to time; Offshore communication; Brand Management Tool

-. Marketing Communications: Market research solutions: investigate, survey customer needs, customers confidential.

-. Social Networking: Consulting and implementing Google Adwords, Facebooks, Google Ads Net-word ads, banner

-. Communication Crisis: The advantage of IPC is that it has broad media relations, has experience in crisis management, has advanced alerting tools for sources of information; The method is clever, effective for partners.

-. PR article: PR writing services and posted in newspapers, magazines, central and local electronic newspapers in 63 provinces and cities. The amount of readers of VnMedia.vn, MegaFun.vn, Xahoithongtin.com.vn and MyTV will help convey the message of the business in the most professional and natural way, no matter what your business.

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