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Content Manager

Job description

– Develop storyboard scripts for training programs.

– Quality inspection of training program content of the distribution unit.

– Manage the work, progress, quality, project costs to ensure according to the plan and commitment

– Human resource management of project production teams

– Report the plan, progress and product quality to the Project Management Board as prescribed.

– Proposing effective project management and organization plan

– Meet customers to assess the status of training as well as product advice to suit the business. Request:


Job requirements

– At least 3 years of experience as content group leader or IT project manager.

– Experience in managing production and developing content digitization teams.

– Ability to cover work, handle flexible situations, be able to work independently and proactively

– Communication skills, negotiation

– Planning and problem solving skills



– Worthy and attractive income: Upto 1000 $ – 1500 $ +% of project sales

– Enjoy the social insurance benefits according to the company rules based on the Labor Code

– Dynamic working environment, young, professional

– Welfare regimes prescribed by the Company: teambuilding activities, sightseeing, vacation, ..

Application form: send CV to tuyendung.adlead@gmail.com

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